Linton Public Library Re-opening in Phases to Keep Everyone Safe

The staff at the Linton Public Library miss all of you, and know how important the public library is to your daily lives. We want to get back to "normal" at the library as soon as possible also. However, this will need to happen in phases in order to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Tentative Phases

Starting on Monday, May 11th, the library will slowly begin our re-opening phases. Other than our start date, we have no specific dates for the beginning of each phase. Decisions about proceeding forward into the next phase will depend on several factors, always with safety for everyone as our main concern.

Phase 1

  • Curbside Only
  • No Computers, Fax, or Copy Services

The library will be open Monday through Friday for curbside pickup of books only. You can put books on hold using the catalog (, calling the library (812-847-7802) or emailing us at 

Pick up will be between the hours of 10 AM-12 PM and 1-4PM. Books only at this time. Movies will be available soon. Holds must be from our library until our delivery system restarts. You will receive a call when your items are ready to pick up. Call the library when you are in the parking lot. Stay in your car. Staff will bring your items out and place in front of your car. Return items in drop box. Items will be set aside, and not checked in for 3 days.

Phase 2

  • Curbside Will Continue.
  • We Will Begin Making Copies & Sending Faxes. 
  • Still No Patrons Inside the Library.

Curbside for materials will continue. We will begin making copies and sending faxes. Patrons will wait in foyer & staff will make the copies and send the faxes. No patrons will be inside the building just yet. There will be no computer usage at this time. We will not be taking program room or tutor room reservations at this time.

Phase 3

  • We Will Begin allowing a Limited Number of Patrons in at a Time. 
  • Computers Usage Will Begin.
  • Copying Can Be Done In the Library.
  • Program Room and Tutor Room Reservations MAY Possibly Start Again.

We will start allowing a limited number of patrons in at a time. Computers will be spaced apart and staff will handle all copy machine use to avoid contamination. Program room and tutor room reservations MAY start again, depending on the current conditions. 

AND A FEW LAST WORDS...regarding Summer Reading

The staff here at the library miss all of you, and cannot wait to see you again! We just want to keep everyone safe and healthy as much as possible.

The Summer Reading Program is still under consideration. We are not quite sure how, or when, it might take place. So, please, stay tuned for any details regarding Summer Reading. We are following all state and local recommendations.

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